Victorian Hair Art History & Craft

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The art of making jewelry and wreaths out of human hair flourished in the Victorian time period. Hair is one of the most unique and personal mementos people can give of themselves. In this two-part class, students will review the history while learning how to make both flat and floral hair art pieces. Assembly supplies will be provided, and ideas for collecting the hair will be talked about during the first class. During the month in between class sessions, students will have the opportunity to craft hair pieces independently and return for the final session to complete the projects. Included: $10 for materials.

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July 14th - August 11th, 2024
Members: $80, Nonmembers: $100

Session 1: Sundays, July 14th & August 11th with Susan Doran

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1 Sun Jul 14 12:30-3:30PM Book Arts Studio
2 Sun Aug 11 12:30-3:30PM Book Arts Studio
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