Video Workshop: Interviews

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Learn essential skills to utilize the most common video production format in your own videos. From documentary filmmakers, all the way to YouTube commentators, people involved in video production utilize the interview format as the core of creating any number of film and video projects. In this two day workshop, we will go through each step of creating a professional interview set up including camera operation, lighting and audio recording through interactive demonstrations. Whether you're a budding filmmaker, aspiring documentarian, or a YouTube enthusiast, this workshop is your gateway to mastering the interview format. Elevate your storytelling skills and set yourself apart in the competitive world of video production.

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February 17th - February 24th, 2024
Members: $175, Nonmembers: $195

Session 1: Saturdays, February 17 & 24 with Noah Thulin

1 Sat Feb 17 11-3PM Lighting Studio
2 Sat Feb 24 11-3PM Lighting Studio