Video Workshop: Practical Effects

Video Workshop: Practical Effects image

Embark on a journey into the captivating realm of practical effects in this two-part workshop and learn what it takes to bring effects to life in front of the camera without using a computer. Students will get a walk-through on the steps and essential materials needed to create compelling creatures and latex effects commonly seen in horror and action films. See how effects can be effective and realistic in your videos through the art of lighting and proper use of technique and camera angles. Don't miss this opportunity to explore the practical side of filmmaking and add a touch of magic to your on-screen creations.

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March 16th - March 23rd, 2024
Members: $175, Nonmembers: $195

Session 1: Saturdays, March 16 &23 with Noah Thulin

1 Sat Mar 16 11-3PM Lighting Studio
2 Sat Mar 23 11-3PM Lighting Studio