VIVA! Photographing Winter Landscapes: Online

VIVA! Photographing Winter Landscapes: Online image
In this class we will take time to explore the work of photographers who focus on capturing the Winter Landscape. Students will gain an understanding of the elements of composition which are the most helpful in taking successful photographs during this special season. We will discuss basic camera settings that are the most useful in winter photography. Most importantly we will share and discuss each other's work, learn from one another, inspire each other and improve our own photography practice.

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February 8th - March 1st, 2021
Members: $80, Nonmembers: $100

Session 1: February 8th, 2021- March 1st, 2021 with Elizabeth Webster

1 Mon Feb 08 2-3:30PM Online via Zoom
2 Mon Feb 15 2-3:30PM Online via Zoom
3 Mon Feb 22 2-3:30PM Online via Zoom
4 Mon Mar 01 2-3:30PM Online via Zoom