Winter Waterfalls

Winter Waterfalls image

Icicles as big as rockets, or as tiny as sewing needles. From cliffs and stream banks, shimmering baubles flaunt their icy wares, ready to challenge the crystal candelabras at the ballroom of Buckingham Palace. It’s winter in the gorges, and ice-spangled waterfalls give new meaning to the phrase “winter wonderland.”

Almost as impressive is what you don’t see. The crowds – they are gone. The noise is gone. The only sounds you hear are the crunch of your footsteps on the snow crust, the muffled tinkle of water trickling beneath the ice, and the exhalation of your breath. Join us on this awe-inspiring adventure as we probe the ice bound gorges of western New York. Visit Akron Falls Ludlowville/ Ithaca area, Letchworth and the Eternal Flame Waterfall. The ice has taken over. The winter falls, at their worst and their best, are worth seeing.

Field Trips sites listed are the goal but are subject to change based on weather conditions. Student must provide their own transportation.

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January 21st - February 25th, 2023
Members: $175, Nonmembers: $185

Session 1: Saturdays January 21 - February 25 with Christopher Cilento

1 Sat Jan 21 12-1PM Sunken Room
2 Sat Jan 28 10-1PM Field Trip
3 Sat Feb 04 10-1PM Field Trip
4 Sat Feb 11 10-1PM Field Trip
5 Sat Feb 18 10-1PM Field Trip
6 Sat Feb 25 10-12PM Sunken Room