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Dear Friends,

Author Robert Fulghum tells of a conversation he had on an airplane with the couple who were his seat mates. At one point he asked the husband, “Where is home?” The husband looked at his wife, took her hand, and said, “Wherever she is.”

If we’re lucky, we all have a few contenders for “wherever she is” in our lives. Sometimes it’s a person, sometimes a peaceful plot of earth, and sometimes it’s a place like Flower City Arts Center.

For me, FCAC is home, that wonderful “wherever she is” place. Perhaps it is for you, too. Your past support has sustained the growth and vitality of the Center, and we can’t thank you enough for your partnership! So, I’m inviting you to renew your support and make a gift that will help FCAC keep on keeping on during and beyond this pandemic.

My excitement for all that is FCAC is magnified by the true resilience of the Center. Our mission of bringing art to all people hasn’t stopped during the pandemic. Instead it’s solidified the need and charged our imagination to be more than we were before!

While we have lost revenue due to the pandemic, we’ve re-invented ourselves through virtual learning and turned the Center upside down to accommodate social distancing during classes. And we’re experimenting with Arts Express - an outreach effort that takes the class model out to senior centers, retirement centers, youth centers, and others without access to visual art on a regular basis.

Here’s the truth. Finding and holding onto home in the midst of a pandemic is paramount to strong mental health, creative expression, and connection to others. My guess is it’s just as important to you as well, and FCAC is needed now more than ever!

FCAC is home because it’s a community art center. My Center, your Center, our Center. We can all feel this deep sense of belonging in the well-being and health of the larger community. We make a difference in people’s lives.

I’m asking you to have faith in this scrappy art center the way I do, because it’s worthy of your love and support, especially now.

So please continue to be part of our family of supporters! You can make a gift online here at flowercityarts.org/donate or send it by mail to Flower City Arts Center at 713 Monroe Avenue, Rochester, NY 14607.

Better yet, you can make a difference all year long by signing up for monthly giving!

• It’s powerful – sustainable monthly gifts make a significant impact, providing a reliable and dependable source of funding for Flower City Arts Center and programs like our Artists in Residence.
• It’s convenient – your monthly gift is deducted automatically from your credit card or checking account on the 1st or 15th of each month.
• It’s enduring – spreading your support over time is easier on your budget, making a larger gift possible.
• You’ll feel great knowing that you’re continuing to support arts for all in your community.

Join us now in standing by Flower City Arts Center – the artistic anchor in our neighborhood, our community,and our lives! My Center, your Center, our Center.

Yours in the arts,
Margi Ochs, Board President

Featured artist: FCAC Member, Instructor, and Artist Charmaine Bynoe