Exhibition Dates: November 5th - November 24th, 2021 in Flower City Arts Center, 713 Monroe Avenue, Rochester, NY 14607

Reception: Friday November 5th, 6 p.m. - 9 p.m. in Flower City Arts Center, 713 Monroe Avenue, Rochester, NY 14607

Exhibition by Resident Artists Jessica Cheng & Maliya Travers-Crumb
November 5-24, 2021
Opening Reception Friday, November 5 6-9PM
Gallery Hours Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM, Thursday 9AM-9:30PM, Saturday 12-5PM

Body of work from Printmaking Resident Jessica Cheng and Ceramic Resident Maliya Travers-Crumb. "Anemoia" is a collection of work that investigates the power of symbols and objects on a community's culture and their ability to identify the self vs others. Whether it is a culture of one—the individual—or a culture of a community, nostalgia is the innate ability to recognize membership to these groups across time.

Jessica Cheng (BFA Alfred University 2014) is a interdisciplinary artist based in Pittsford who concentrates in printmaking, social justice, and visual and material culture. A mixed-race Chinese and White American, Cheng's studies heavily focus on her racial and ethnic identities in contemporary social climates, the current Arts and Craft movement, and the struggles and achievements of her communities. Her work reflects these interests as she connects to the larger fabric of these intersecting movements.

Maliya is a ceramic artist from Rochester NY who creates small batch pottery. She regards functional pottery as a unique opportunity for a piece of fine art to form a personal relationship with someone. It is something that is loved and held, that wears with time and becomes part of a person's daily life. Maliya applies illustration and narrative techniques to her ceramics as a vehicle for forging this relationship.