Saturday June 22nd, 2024 10 a.m. - Sunday November 10th, 2024 5 p.m.


Gallery Obscura, George Eastman Museum, 900 East Ave, Rochester, NY, 14607

The photographic works in Pass Us the Mic: We’ve Got Something to Say are self-portraits that exemplify the genre. The works by the fifteen student artists in Flower City Arts Center Expanding the Field after-school program are complex, layered statements about the artists and their views of the world. They are also examples of the strength of the collaborative creative process.

For this project, student artists were asked to choose a social justice issue they felt passionately about, research it, and write a declarative statement. Students were encouraged to use their creative control to voice their opinions about issues that affect them directly or indirectly. The writings were then projected onto their authors and the photography was done in collaboration with fellow student artists. Each image’s combination of color, text, pose, and composition creates a highly individualized self-portrait. White coveralls worn by each student artist created a body canvas and a visual metaphor for youth protecting youth while giving the student artists ownership of their narratives.

Also included are video works created by the students. In The Chase, the student artists address societal perceptions of black and brown male youth and the distrust they may have for each other as a result. In another video, each student artist uses their voice to address the social justice issue featured in their self-portrait, then passes the mic.

Students were assisted by Kylie Newcomer, digital photography instructor, and Rashaad Parker, program director and conceptional designer for the project.