Megan May

2018 Photography & Digital Arts Resident

Megan May is a multi-media artist based in Southern California and New York. Her work spans multiple disciplines, but an emphasis on the body, personal and cultural identity, and spirituality can be experienced in her work. She divides her time between personal ritual and in-depth research that informs and inspires her art practice. Putting her own body and practice at the heart of the work, May utilizes psychologically engaging tools like meditation, kundalini yoga and body movement practices to confront the interplay between physical and energetic (read: spiritual) facets of human embodiment. Her work is at once a spiritual practice and a cultural-political inquiry as she attempts to reveal how social concepts inform and restrict our understanding of our own bodies and its innate freedoms. At times serene and others, abrupt May's works will run the gamut on your emotions and leave you feeling a sense of curiosity in your own skin.