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Intro to Bookbinding - Winter 2021

In this introductory course, you will learn several hand-sewn book structures perfect for making pocket notebooks, address, journals, sketchbooks, and more. You’ll leave with the ... more

Intro to Risograph Printing (Digital Screen Printing) - Winter 2021

Create an edition of 10 prints of your own design using our RISO digital duplicator! Learn how the RISO works and how you can quickly ... more

Drawing II: Take Your Drawing Further!: Online - Spring 2021

For those who have taken Fundamentals of Drawing or have previous drawing experience. In this class we will take your drawing skills to the next ... more

Lovin’ Letterpress - Winter 2021

Immerse yourself in letterpress printing. Choose from our hundreds of fonts and learn to handset type from California Job cases. Print from a variety of ... more

Applied 4x5: Large Format Photography - Winter 2021

Further your knowledge of 4x5 photography by applying advanced techniques (film reciprocity and bellows extension factor) to gain more control over your exposures. This class ... more

Botanical Drawing I: Online - Winter 2021

In this 5-week course we will learn how to work in graphite to accurately draw leaves, fruits, and vegetables. In this course you will learn ... more

Handbuilding - Winter 2021

Learn to use traditional methods like pinching, coil, and slab to build functional and/or sculptural work. The skills learned are perfect for an absolute beginner ... more

Introduction to Oil Painting: Online - Winter 2021

Learn about materials, fundamentals, and best practices of oil painting, with an emphasis on direct or "alla prima" techniques. Color mixing and creating a range ... more

Digital Ink: 21st Century Letterpress - Spring 2021

Bring your digital design project to life in letterpress! In this class, you will learn how to translate your vision from pixels to print using ... more

Letter Press Poster Design - Winter 2021

In this 4 week course we will explore graphic design and typographic layouts for letterpress poster design. Explore the metal and wood type collection at ... more

Intro to InDesign - Winter 2021

Create professional layouts for business cards, newsletters, posters, or books. Learn basic tools and commands, methods of combining text, graphics and images, and how to ... more

Alternative Process: Cyanotype - Winter 2021

Cyanotype, named for its beautiful blue image, is one of the first photographic processes ever used. Instructor Jon Merritt will teach you how to create ... more

Painting with Acrylics - Winter 2021

Whether you'd like to paint with acrylics as a hobby or... show your work at the MET... I can help you to jump start your ... more

Valentine's Friday Fling: Book Arts - Winter 2021

Need a Valentine's Date Night?! Come to the Book Arts Studio and experience a whirlwind of letterpress printing, papermaking and bookbinding while indulging in snacks ... more

Freedom of the Press (Explorations in Wood Type) - Summer 2021

Learn a brief history of letterpress printing and how the process has been a tool for social change. Examine how leaders in Rochester such as ... more

Fundamentals of Drawing: Online - Winter 2021

In this class we’ll focus on developing observational skills and drawing techniques, using a variety of drawing media. No prior experience with drawing is required ... more

Drypoint: Chine-Collé Printmaking - Winter 2021

In this 4-session class, Artist-in-Residence Josh DiFabio will teach you how to make drypoint intaglio prints with chin-collé: a technique that allows you bind tissue-thin ... more

Sculpture: Artistic Expression in Wire & Plaster - Winter 2021

Learn how to see with your hands and make beautiful, three dimensional artwork with wire and plaster in an open and creative environment. Working in ... more

Handbuilding - Winter 2021

Perfect for beginners or those with more experience, this 5 week class focuses on the handbuilding process through unique projects. Make a sushi tray, and ... more

Collagraph Printmaking - Winter 2021

Learn to make a printing block that is just as much a work of art as the resulting print. Collography is a process in which ... more

Papermaking from Recycled Materials - Summer 2021

Give new life to your waste paper! Bring in your old letters, junk mail, science tests, journals, etc. and learn how to recycle them into ... more

Squarespace Website Workshop for Artists - Online Class - Winter 2021

An artist needs a website to be found and show what you do, but the technology, process, and costs can seem overwhelming. Enjoy a low-tech, ... more

Intro to Digital Photography: Online Class - Winter 2021

Make your digital camera work for you! Learn all the functions of your camera, including manually adjusting aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, exposure modes, lenses, ... more

Push or Pull: Understanding Film - Winter 2021

What does it mean to have a good negative? In this class we’ll explore different exposure methods using interactive objects to ensure optimal results. We’ll ... more

Intermediate Wheel - Winter 2021

For those with some experience, the Intermediate class will broaden your knowledge base with more complicated projects, lidded forms, plates, and handles. The class fee ... more