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A full refund is given in the unlikely event we have to cancel a class. If you wish to withdraw from a class, you must cancel one week (7 days) before the first meeting for a full refund minus a $20 registration fee. No refunds are given after this time. Prorating is not available. Refunds will be made within 30 days.

Promotional Photography

Students are occasionally photographed or filmed during classes for promotional purposes. By enrolling yourself or your child in a class at the Flower City Arts Center, you grant permission for you and/or your child to be photographed or filmed for this purpose. You must notify Flower City Arts Center main office in writing regarding any restrictions.


Photo Restoration - Winter 2023

Adobe Photoshop has come a long way in making image restoration and retouching much easier. In this class you will learn the basic tools that ... more

Color Film Developing Workshop - Winter 2023

This one-day workshop will teach you how to process your own color film! Topics include preparing the solutions, the three steps process (Developer, Blix and ... more

Photogravure - Winter 2023

In this two-day workshop students will learn the art of photopolymer gravure printing from renowned artist, Pat Bacon. Using light-sensitive steel-backed plates, participants will create ... more

Shibori & Indigo Dye - Winter 2023

In this hands-on workshop you will learn the ins and outs of shibori-inspired folding and binding techniques to create beautiful patterns on fabric with indigo ... more

Intro to Watercolor Painting - Winter 2023

Beginner watercolor art classes are the perfect way to explore and express your inner-artist. If you have never painted before or are looking for a ... more

Intro to Bookbinding - Winter 2023

Have you ever looked at beautiful hand-made books and wondered how they were created but didn't know where to start? If so, this is the ... more

Intermediate Riso - Winter 2023

In this multi-session class, students will dive into preparing digital files to be printed on Flower City Arts Center’s risograph printer. The emphasis of the ... more

Mudslingers Short Course (ages 10 - 13) for kids - Winter 2023

Spring is not far off, and everyone will be soon back in the garden, including the birds. With them in mind, Caitlin will teach students ... more

Drypoint Etching - Winter 2023

Dry-point etching explores an alternative to the traditional etching process. Without the acid, or metal plates, dry-point techniques leave you with an impression you can ... more

Digital Ink: 21st Century Letterpress - Winter 2023

Bring your digital design project to life in letterpress! In this class, you will learn how to translate your vision from pixels to print using ... more

Sports Photography - Winter 2023

Learn how to improve your sports photography skills. This class is intended for young adults, parents and fans who wish to take better action pictures ... more

Video for Youth ages 13-17 - Winter 2023

Learn the basics of shooting and editing video. Youth will have the opportunity to capture and create video content using DSLR cameras and Adobe Premiere ... more

Advanced Watercolor & Mixed-Media - Winter 2023

This class is for artists interested in learning advanced watercolor techniques while also exploring collage and mixed-media. Learn to develop a strong conceptual foundation for ... more

The Spiritual Practice of Art-Making - Winter 2023

Both Neuroscience and Mysticism confirm that there exists an optimum state-of-mind for all stages of the creative process, whether you are harnessing inspiration, analyzing opportunities, ... more

Explorations in Painting - Winter 2023

For painters who have some experience painting, four weeks of instruction to take your skills further. Use the paint medium of your choice. This class ... more

Teen Wheel (ages 13 - 19) - Winter 2023

This is a basic introduction to throwing pots on the wheel. In this 8 week class, you'll learn to center, pull a cylinder, and turn ... more

Mudslingers Short Course (ages 6 - 9) for kids - Winter 2023

Get ready for breezy spring by making your own wind chimes for the garden! Caitlin will work with students to make fanciful chimes out of ... more

Letterpress I - Winter 2023

Immerse yourself in letterpress printing! Browse our vast collection of vintage metal & wood type, image cuts, and ornaments to create a variety of projects ... more

3D Bookbinding: Pop Up Books - Winter 2023

Do you like to fold and cut paper? Those are the basic skills students need to construct kaleidoscope, tunnel, flag, and pop up books. Think ... more

Souper Bowl project! for kids - Winter 2023

Come make a super soup bowl! Whether or not the Bills make it to the Super Bowl, you can make it to Caitlin's bowl-making workshop! ... more

Fundamentals of Drawing - Winter 2023

In this 5-week introductory class, students focus on developing observational skills and drawing techniques, using a variety of drawing media. No prior experience with drawing ... more

Experimental and Special Effects in Photography - Winter 2023

In this digital photography class we will experiment with some special effects that can be done in camera or in post processing to make more ... more

3D Bookbinding: Tunnel Books - Winter 2023

Do you like to fold and cut paper? Those are the basic skills students need to construct kaleidoscope, tunnel, flag, and pop up books. Think ... more

Stop-Motion Animation Workshop - All Ages - Winter 2023

Learn how to create stop-motion animations with Whitney Brown! The class will come together with a collective short film idea. They will plan their role ... more

Linoleum Printing II: Reduction Prints - Winter 2023

Reduction Linoleum Printing is a relief method where multiple colors are printed by layer from the same block. This is an intermediate level class for ... more