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Upcoming Classes

Go Retro for Teens: Intro to Film Photography image

Go Retro for Teens: Intro to Film Photography

July 19th - August 16th, 2024

In this class teens 14 and up will have an amazing opportunity to learn the fundamentals of photography from the camera to the darkroom! Learn ... more

Letterpress Angle Chase image

Letterpress Angle Chase

July 20th - July 20th, 2024

Traditional letterpress is often seen as a strictly constrained printing method where type is locked into a 90 degree grid. The Rotary Angle Chase allows ... more

Macro Photography in Nature image

Macro Photography in Nature

Session 1: July 21st - July 21st, 2024
Session 2: July 29th - July 29th, 2024

Create powerful images of flowers, leaves, and other small things found in nature. This course will take a close look at what macro has to ... more

Shibori & Indigo Dye image

Shibori & Indigo Dye

July 21st - July 21st, 2024

In this hands-on workshop, you will learn the ins and outs of shibori-inspired folding and binding techniques to create beautiful patterns on fabric with indigo ... more

RISO 101 image

RISO 101

July 21st - July 21st, 2024

Take this class to learn the basics of printing and reproducing work on the Risograph duplicator and become an authorized RISO user in the Book ... more

Video Production image

Video Production

Session 1: July 23rd - August 20th, 2024
Session 2: July 23rd - August 20th, 2024

Are you interested in the production and process of video recording and filmmaking? This class will provide a perfect entry point! Work with Canon cameras, ... more

Trace Monotypes image

Trace Monotypes

July 23rd - July 23rd, 2024

Trace Monoprinting is a simple, low-tech process that can be done without a printing press. It has a fuzzy line quality and can be quick ... more

Media Team Projects image

Media Team Projects

July 24th - August 29th, 2024

The summer media team will work on creating videos about artists and the history of Flower City Arts Center. Students will create video projects while ... more

Portrait Retouching image

Portrait Retouching

July 24th - July 24th, 2024

Use Photoshop to improve your portrait retouching skills. This class is a quick one-day workshop that will pay off in providing your subjects with retouching ... more

Wednesday Workshop: Gelli Plate Printing image

Wednesday Workshop: Gelli Plate Printing

July 24th - July 24th, 2024

Discover the art of gelli plate printing in our three-hour workshop, where you'll create monotypes using found objects and organic shapes. With ink, brushes, and ... more

Gyotaku - Fish Printing [Ages 6+] image

Gyotaku - Fish Printing [Ages 6+]

July 28th - July 28th, 2024

Originating in 19th century Japan, gyotaku (meaning "print fish") developed from the need to record the exact size of a trophy catch and evolved into ... more

A Taste of Encaustics image

A Taste of Encaustics

July 29th - July 29th, 2024

Encaustic painting is the process of using melted and pigmented beeswax to create paintings and mixed-media works. In this three-hour workshop, students will have the ... more

The 'New Cyanotype' Process image

The 'New Cyanotype' Process

July 30th - July 30th, 2024

New cyanotype’ is an improvement on the original cyanotype process. Invented by Mike Ware in the 1990s, the 'new cyanotype' offers an improved tonal range ... more

Plant Bundle Dyeing image

Plant Bundle Dyeing

July 30th - July 30th, 2024

Bundle dyeing is an innovative process that allows for the direct transfer of natural dyes and their herbal qualities into cloth.In this workshop you will ... more

Wednesday Workshop: Papermaking 101 image

Wednesday Workshop: Papermaking 101

July 31st - July 31st, 2024

In this introductory workshop, students will learn the basics of hand papermaking, including pulp preparation, sheet forming, couching, pressing, and drying. No prior experience necessary. ... more

Linoleum Printing II: Reduction Prints image

Linoleum Printing II: Reduction Prints

August 1st - August 22nd, 2024

Reduction linoleum printing is a relief method where multiple colors are printed by layer from the same block. This is an intermediate level class for ... more

Photographing Live Shows image

Photographing Live Shows

August 1st - August 29th, 2024

In this class, participants will go out to a few live shows during class and learn best practices when photographing music events. Instructor Robert Lee ... more

Writing with Light (Ages 12 - 14) image

Writing with Light (Ages 12 - 14)

August 5th - August 9th, 2024

Click Here To RegisterThe word photography means “writing with light.” Using a 35mm film camera (provided) and a pen and notebook, we will explore the ... more

Poetry, Pottery, & Paper (Age 8 – 11) image

Poetry, Pottery, & Paper (Age 8 – 11) for kids

August 5th - August 9th, 2024

Click Here to RegisterThis collaboration between Writers & Books and the Flower City Arts Center provides a unique opportunity to merge visual arts with creative ... more

Intro to Abstract Painting image

Intro to Abstract Painting

August 6th - August 27th, 2024

In this 4-week class, students will experiment with color, mark-making, line, shape, and composition to develop their own techniques for making non-representational paintings. We will ... more

Darkroom: Black and White Film Developing image

Darkroom: Black and White Film Developing

August 6th - August 13th, 2024

This 2-day workshop will get you started on the journey of developing your own film or get you refreshed so that you can get back ... more

Wednesday Workshop: RISO Stationery image

Wednesday Workshop: RISO Stationery

August 7th - August 7th, 2024

Primarily this workshop will focus on using basic drawing tools to create hand lettering and collage elements on paper. At the end of the class, ... more

Block Printing on Fabric image

Block Printing on Fabric

August 10th - August 10th, 2024

Using introductory skills in relief (such as for linoleum, rubber stamps, or woodcut), students will create simple tiled or tessellated patterns to print onto fabric ... more

Paper Marbling image

Paper Marbling

August 10th - August 10th, 2024

Discover the joy of paper marbling in this hands-on workshop! Learn traditional marbling techniques with combs and rakes and be guided through the process of ... more

How to Use Your Flash image

How to Use Your Flash

Session 1: August 12th - August 19th, 2024
Session 2: August 12th - August 19th, 2024

Did your camera come with or did you purchase a flash accessory but you're not sure how to use it? This quick 2-day workshop will ... more

Handmade Paper Books image

Handmade Paper Books

August 13th - August 22nd, 2024

Learn the basics of papermaking and bookbinding in one class! The first two sessions of this class will focus on the art of papermaking by ... more

Wednesday Workshop: Hardcover Coptic Binding image

Wednesday Workshop: Hardcover Coptic Binding

August 14th - August 14th, 2024

Make your own journal or sketchbook in this afternoon bookbinding workshop! Coptic binding has been a durable and beautiful binding technique for almost two thousand ... more

Considering the Photo Essay image

Considering the Photo Essay

August 16th - August 23rd, 2024

Producing a photographic essay is a compelling way to express your point of view and establish a unique voice in your photography. Join us as ... more

Vandercook Refresher image

Vandercook Refresher

August 18th - August 18th, 2024

Still lovin' letterpress but haven't been into the studio in a while? Brush up on your cylinder press skills while diving a bit deeper into ... more

Intro to Letterpress Experimentation image

Intro to Letterpress Experimentation

August 19th - August 19th, 2024

In this one-day workshop, learn how to create spontaneous and fun compositions on the letterpress. By creating printing plates out of found materials, using new ... more

Wednesday Workshop: Letterpress Modular Blox image

Wednesday Workshop: Letterpress Modular Blox

August 21st - August 21st, 2024

The P22 Blox system presents 8 basic shapes from which any letterforms can be built in a variety of ways. The P22 Blox are 72 ... more

Wednesday Workshop: Paste Paper image

Wednesday Workshop: Paste Paper

August 21st - August 21st, 2024

Paste paper is one of the oldest forms of decorative paper used by bookbinders and can be found in centuries-old books. The distinctive qualities of ... more

Drypoint Etching image

Drypoint Etching

August 24th - August 24th, 2024

Drypoint etching explores an alternative to the traditional etching process. Without the acid or metal plates, dry-point techniques leave you with an impression you can ... more

Tintype Workshop image

Tintype Workshop

August 24th - August 24th, 2024

This make-and-take workshop will provide participants with a basic introduction, overview, and demonstration of the wet plate collodion process with a hands-on approach. Students will ... more

Say YES to the PRESS! image

Say YES to the PRESS!

August 25th - August 25th, 2024

Explore the fascinating history of printing technology in this interactive workshop. Led by Mitch Cohen, the founding director of the Printmaking & Book Arts division, ... more

Wednesday Workshop: Japanese Side Stitch image

Wednesday Workshop: Japanese Side Stitch

August 28th - August 28th, 2024

Learn to bind a book with Japanese side stitch! Many decorative stitch patterns are possible for these soft-cover books. No prior bookbinding experience is necessary. ... more

Sports Photography image

Sports Photography

August 28th - September 11th, 2024

Get out to a game and improve your sports photography skills! Instructor, Joe Territo is an award-winning photographer who began his professional career in 1984 ... more

Simple Hardcover Binding image

Simple Hardcover Binding

August 29th - August 29th, 2024

Drop into the Book Arts Studio for this one day workshop where you will learn how to create a basic hardcover notebook from start to ... more

Active Classes

Intermediate Wheel image

Intermediate Wheel

Session 1: June 24th - August 12th, 2024
Session 2: June 26th - August 14th, 2024

For those with some experience, the Intermediate class will broaden your knowledge base with more complicated projects, lidded forms, plates, and handles. The class fee ... more

VIVA! Short Course on Handbuilding (Ages 55+) image

VIVA! Short Course on Handbuilding (Ages 55+)

June 24th - July 29th, 2024

VIVA (Vitality in the Visual Arts) classes are open to adults 55+ who are interested in exploring the arts. In this six-week class, you will ... more

Handbuilding image


June 24th - August 19th, 2024

Learn traditional methods like pinching, coil, and slab to build functional and/or sculptural work. Handbuilding is very versatile, and the techniques can be used to ... more

Intro to the Wheel image

Intro to the Wheel

Session 1: June 24th - August 12th, 2024
Session 2: June 25th - August 13th, 2024
Session 3: June 26th - August 21st, 2024
Session 4: June 28th - August 16th, 2024
Session 5: June 30th - August 25th, 2024

For beginners, this 8-week Introduction class covers the basics of wheel-thrown, functional work. You will learn to master the cylinder, the gateway form to cups, ... more

Figure Sculpture image

Figure Sculpture

June 25th - August 20th, 2024

This class will examine modern and historical representations of the figure in art. Students will spend the first four weeks of the class sculpting small-scale ... more

Advanced Wheel image

Advanced Wheel

June 25th - August 13th, 2024

For the accomplished potter, Andy will provide individualized attention, with a focus on refining your craft and enhancing your personal style work. Included: 20 pounds ... more

Intro to Wheel II image

Intro to Wheel II

June 28th - August 16th, 2024

This class is for those who have taken a wheel class previously and want to build on their skills. You will work on skill-building exercises ... more

Advanced Handbuilding Techniques image

Advanced Handbuilding Techniques

June 28th - August 23rd, 2024

Interested in furthering your handbuilding skills? This class builds upon techniques taught in beginner handbuilding to help you create self-directed projects. Zara will advise, support, ... more

Teen Wheel (ages 13 - 19) image

Teen Wheel (ages 13 - 19)

June 30th - August 25th, 2024

This is a basic introduction to throwing pots on the wheel. In this 8-week class, you'll learn to center, pull a cylinder, and turn clay ... more

Fundamentals of Drawing image

Fundamentals of Drawing

July 3rd - August 7th, 2024

In this class students focus on developing observational skills and drawing techniques, using a variety of drawing media. No prior experience with drawing is required ... more

Drawing 101 for Teens (Ages 13 - 18) image

Drawing 101 for Teens (Ages 13 - 18)

July 8th - July 29th, 2024

Unleash your artistic potential in our dynamic drawing class designed exclusively for teens! Whether you're a budding artist or just starting your creative journey, this ... more

Lovin' Letterpress image

Lovin' Letterpress

July 8th - July 29th, 2024

Immerse yourself in letterpress printing! Browse our vast collection of vintage metal and wood type, image cuts, and ornaments to create a variety of projects ... more

Go Retro with Film: Introduction to Photography image

Go Retro with Film: Introduction to Photography

Session 1: July 9th - August 20th, 2024
Session 2: July 9th - August 20th, 2024

Take this introductory film photography class to truly understand the fundamentals of photography. No camera or prior knowledge is needed. Learn how to use a ... more

Video Production For Teens image

Video Production For Teens

July 9th - July 30th, 2024

Explore the exciting world of video production! This comprehensive class offers a unique opportunity for teens (14 and up) who are passionate or curious about ... more

Intro to Digital Photography image

Intro to Digital Photography

Session 1: July 10th - August 21st, 2024
Session 2: July 10th - August 21st, 2024

Make your digital camera work for you and learn all of its important functions at a steady pace. In this class, we will cover manually ... more

Take Better Pictures image

Take Better Pictures

Session 1: July 10th - August 21st, 2024
Session 2: July 12th - August 23rd, 2024

Do you know how to use your camera but would like your resulting photographs to have more impact? Learn how to take better pictures and ... more

Paper-Maché Your Trash! image

Paper-Maché Your Trash!

July 11th - August 1st, 2024

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the amount of waste that comes from your daily routines? In this 4-week class, you’ll transform your trash (no ... more

Intro to Fashion Photography image

Intro to Fashion Photography

July 11th - August 22nd, 2024

Intro to Fashion Photography provides a space to collaborate with fellow creatives while letting you discover or rediscover yourself creatively. Additionally, it is a chance ... more

Intro to Adobe Illustrator image

Intro to Adobe Illustrator

July 11th - July 25th, 2024

Learn to create your own graphic images using Adobe Illustrator. Discover how to incorporate drawing, photography, and typography into vector artwork by learning essential techniques, ... more

Intro to Oil Painting image

Intro to Oil Painting

July 12th - August 2nd, 2024

Learn about materials, fundamentals, and best practices of oil painting, with an emphasis on direct or "alla prima" techniques. Color mixing and creating a range ... more

Summer Waterfalls image

Summer Waterfalls

July 14th - August 11th, 2024

Immerse yourself in nature's dynamic beauty with our Summer Waterfalls photography field trips class. Join us as we take a captivating journey through lush landscapes ... more

Victorian Hair Art History & Craft image

Victorian Hair Art History & Craft

July 14th - August 11th, 2024

The art of making jewelry and wreaths out of human hair flourished in the Victorian time period. Hair is one of the most unique and ... more

Intro to Video Editing image

Intro to Video Editing

Session 1: July 15th - August 26th, 2024
Session 2: July 15th - August 26th, 2024

If you are interested in learning how to edit video, this class will teach you how to import footage, structure an edit, match up sync ... more

Young Artist Camp (Ages 8-12) image

Young Artist Camp (Ages 8-12) for kids

July 15th - July 19th, 2024

This week-long camp is the perfect place for young artists to explore their creativity amongst like-minded peers. Students will be instructed in a variety of ... more

Collagraph Printmaking image

Collagraph Printmaking

July 15th - July 22nd, 2024

Learn to make a printing block that is just as much a work of art as the resulting print. Collography is a process in which ... more

Picturing Home image

Picturing Home

July 15th - August 19th, 2024

Participants will utilize their photographic skills to convey emotions, document significant locations, and capture experiences associated with their sense of home and belonging. The course ... more

Darkroom: Black and White Printing image

Darkroom: Black and White Printing

July 16th - July 23rd, 2024

This 2-day workshop is for anyone interested in learning how to make black and white prints in the darkroom or for those looking for a ... more

Advanced DSLR Photography image

Advanced DSLR Photography

July 16th - August 20th, 2024

Take your DSLR photography skills to the next level and improve your images by refining your workflow from capture to print. Learn to process your ... more

Small Town Street Photography image

Small Town Street Photography

July 18th - August 1st, 2024

Street Photography is a longstanding genre in the photographic world that blends art and journalism to document humanity as we go about our daily lives. ... more

Stay Retro image

Stay Retro

July 18th - August 15th, 2024

If you love photographing with film, want to get back into the darkroom or you took our Go Retro class and need more time to ... more