Anthotypes: Creating images with Spices and Plants

Anthotypes: Creating images with Spices and Plants image

Learn how to easily create beautiful, ephemeral photographic prints with the amazing anthotype process. In each class, Kylie will share simple recipes to mix various anthotype solutions and teach you how to render a print out of them, using supplies you may already have at home, such as turmeric and spinach. You will then use these solutions to hand coat paper and properly expose your image in the sun using your own images which you will digitally prepare and print on transparency paper. Kylie will also cover scanning and archiving your prints and how to digitally enhance them. This process makes for a nice addition to your own art practice and is a safe and wonderful activity for you to learn and do with your children.

All materials will be provided. Please come prepared with digital images to make negatives out of. Image: Spinach and Turmeric prints by Kylie Newcomer

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August 9th - August 23rd, 2022
Members: $105, Nonmembers: $125

Session 1: 8/9/2022 - 8/23/2022 with Kylie Newcomer

1 Tue Aug 09 6-8PM Silver Den
2 Tue Aug 16 6-8PM Silver Den
3 Tue Aug 23 6-8PM Silver Den