Intro to Digital Photography

Intro to Digital Photography image
Make your digital camera work for you! Learn all of the important functions of your camera, at a steady pace. In this class we will cover manually adjusting aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, exposure modes, lenses, composition, and basic editing techniques. Required: bring your digital SLR or mirrorless camera, the camera manual, and questions to the first class.

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February 17th - March 24th, 2021
Members: $165, Nonmembers: $185

Session 1: February 17th, 2021 - March 24th, 2021 with Kylie Newcomer

1 Wed Feb 17 10-12PM Sunken Room
2 Wed Feb 24 10-12PM Sunken Room
3 Wed Mar 03 10-12PM Sunken Room
4 Wed Mar 10 10-12PM Sunken Room
5 Wed Mar 17 10-12PM Sunken Room
6 Wed Mar 24 10-12PM Sunken Room